Your new go to, everyday wear cardigan from Helly Hansen.

Here’s what I love the Naiad cardigan: the cowl neck collar with draw cords. Why? It adds to the versatility of the sweater. If it’s a little bit chilly, you can pull in the draw cords to keep cozy or if it’s a tad warm, you can fold the collar down and drape it on your shoulders. Both are fashionable while still being functional. Who doesn’t love that?

The weight of the cardigan is another reason why I love it – not too thick but not too thin – making it great for all seasons. Especially in those summer nights where it’s warm with a sweet summer breeze. The jersey fabric is to thank for this feature.

It also features a relaxed fit that’s great for all day wear for all kids of activity. Bottom line, it’s just plain comfortable. As simple as that.

Classy, Comfortable, Cozy. Every time you slip it on. Get yours now.

To view more on why this cardigan is my new personal fav, see here.

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