The last minute items that are usually forgotten but needed. Let's call them the extras!

You many think you have it in your kit bag or on the boat or somewhere in the house but when the season approaches and you go looking for it, chances are you can't find it or it needs to be replaced. You know what I'm talking about, the last minute items you grab at the check out or forget to grab but actually need - crookies, gloves, sunscreen, notebook, waterproof case - the list goes on and on. 

I like to call these items the "add-ons" or the "extras" that you may not have necessarily come in for but when you stop and ask yourself (before you head to the register) "Is there anything else I need to get" or "Am I forgetting something?" - are usually scooped up and added on. 


Zhik Cap

For real, you can never have too many; sometimes you need a style for different applications - Tilly for kayaking and cruising but traditional ballcap for racing or paddleboarding. Everyone has their preference. With so many new models and features, there's one that is sure to fit your style and needs. And if Mother Nature doesn't claim it in her windy gusts, overtime they get worn in, dirty and fall apart - a.k.a. time to retire. 

Price: $31.50


Gill Deckhand Gloves SF

How many times do you start a new season or get ready for a regatta or weekday racing and you can only find one glove? Yup. More often than we probably like to admit but hey that's life and it happens. (It's like they just get up and wonder away). With this in mind, it never hurts to have an extra pair for backup or sometimes it's simply time for a new pair. Either way, tons of selection and models to choose from to protect your hands all season long! 

Price varies according to style and brand. 


Cablz Monoz Reg. Ends

Mother Nature has this way of claiming things that we love most - hats and sunglasses - and taking them to the bottom of the lake never to be seen again. Best way to prevent the season long tug of war of your sunnies going over is by having retainers for your sunglasses. 

Fogh Marine has quite the large selection of sunglasses retainers from Chums and Cablz that come in a variety of styles and colours! 

Louisa's Tip: If you have glasses with thicker ends, make sure to get the XL version of the Cablz. 

Hat Clip 

Chums Hat Clip

Never lose your hat again (or at least prevent it from flying off) thanks to the Chum Hat Clip. 

The best part about this clip is that you can transfer it from one hat to another! Versatility at it's best. 

Available in multipole different colours. 

Price: $5.99


Kaenon Burnet

Protect your eyes and make sure you have some polarized sunglasses to wear while out on the water!

Price varies according to brand and model. 


Z Blok Stick

Having a good sunscreen on board or in your drybag that you actually like means one thing - you'll USE it. 

ZBlok is amazing and helps keep you from burning while having fun in the sun thanks to the zinc oxide. It won't come off from sweat or water, it won't burn your eyes or leave white marks on your skin (it rubs in really easily and you can't even tell you're wearing it!). 

The stick is the perfect size to throw in your lifey, pocket, drybag or down below. 

Also available in a 4oz cream

Price: $12.99

Waterproof Case 

Waterproof Phone Case

Keep those beloved electronic gadgets of yours out of harms way with a waterproof phone pouch from Travelon. 

The soft exterior allows you to use your device while it is in the case. 

Great for your phone, camera or music device!

Available in pink, yellow, blue & green. 

Price: $24.95


WetnotesKeep all your notes for the boat, coaching or paddle notes in one convenient (and waterproof) place! 

Wetnotes are a classic that are always good to have around. 

Available in small or large. 

Gear Cleaner 

Gill Wash - In Cleaner

Keep your gear in tip top shape with the Gill Wash - In Cleaner. Use it in the washing machine or when cleaning your clothing by hand to help get rid of odors so your gear stays fresh and clean longer!

Have oil & grease stains? Use the  Gill Intense Spot Cleaner

Louisa's Tip: Lay pants & shirts flat to dry to help shorten the drying time and prevent wrinkles.

Price: $19.95

Kanberra Gel 

Kanberra Gel

Keep your boat smelling fresh all season long with Kanberra Gel Deodorizer. An easy and simple way to eliminate mold & mildew. It also works great in basements or closets! 

This is one of Kirsten's, past Fogh Summer Staff, favourite items that we sell! She used it at all the time at her place in University. 

Available in 3 sizes:  2oz4oz, and 8oz. Price varies by size.   

Wrap It Up 

Wrap It Up OrganizerLet's be honest, there's too many cords these days to keep track of and, hopefully, untangled. Keep your cords organized with the wrap it up hook and loop organizer! Great for lines as well - the Wrap It Up's are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. 

Available in various colours. 

Price: $2.25

Colourflex Tape 

Seriously, this stuff comes in so handy and can be used for so many things on boats or kayaks! 

You can never have too much of this stuff. 

Available in OrangeBlueGreenBlackWhiteYellow, and Red

Price: $1.75 

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