Fogh Marine's Hobie Fishing Team Reps have put together a list of their top 10 must have items for going out fishing.

When it comes to fishing questions and the latest happening's in the fishing world/circuit in Ontario, Gary (left) and Paul (right) are my go-to fella's for any sort of fishing advice and answers. These lovely gentlemen have fished all over Ontario and parts of the United States, like Florida, for years. 

They have fishing expertise that comes from lots of hours logged out in their Hobie kayaks; and let's be honest trial & error is one of the best ways to hone in your skills and see what products work. 

So I figured why not ask them for a list of their top 10 items that they always use when going out fishing! Low and behold, the fella's must have items. 

Other than a fishing rod, tackle and kayak Gary & Paul never leave without the following items:

1. PFD

Be it inflatable or standard (foam), Mustang or Salus - a PFD is a must have item when out on the water. Safety first, right?

Mustang Automatic Inflatable PFD

Salus Kayak Angler PFD (left) offers a unique combination of both kayak and fishing features in one vest.

The Mustang Automatic Inflatable PFD (right) is also another option and will inflate when it comes in contact with water. It features a neoprene collar making it nice & comfortable for all day wear. Mustang Inflatable PFDs come in a variety of different models and colours to fit your needs & style. 

2. Safety Kit, Flashlight, Throw Rope and Whistle. 

Be prepared is half the battle (sensing a theme here...*cough* safety *cough*).  

Paddler's Safety Pack

The safety kit and added safety items help give some piece of mind in knowing you are prepared in case anything does happen. Scotty (top left), Hobie (top right), and Fox40 (left) make safety kit's that are lightweight and compact to fit in your kayak. 

3. Polarized Sunglasses

Why? Gary & Paul say it helps with sight fishing and also protects your eyes from flying lures from missed hook sets. They suggest either Gill (as seen below) or Hobie sunglasses.The benefit of the Gill? They FLOAT!

Gill Classic Sunglassse

Gill Shadow Sunglasses

4. Knife 

"A must have in case you quickly need to cut your fishing line, anchor rope or paddle/rod leash in case of an emergency." - Paul  

Knives like the Leatherman Crate LX Knife (left) or the Gill Personal Rescue Knife (right) are both great options.

Leatherman Crater LX Knife

Gill Personal Rescue Knife

5. Sunscreen 

Because being burnt is never fun. 

Looking for a sunscreen that isn't greasy, last long and doesn't sting? Try Z Blok with zinc oxide. Available in two sizes 4oz cream and 0.7oz stick, which is the perfect size for your PFD pocket or coat pocket. 

ZBlok SPF 30 Cream Sunscreen

ZBlok 0.7oz Stick

6. Dry Bag/Dry Case 

"Dry Case's are a great place to hold your wallet, keys and cell phone. Dry Bag's are also an excellent way of carrying an extra set of clothes in case you get wet." - Paul

Let's be honest, when you hear that "splash" noise while out kayaking, you something has gone over. Try your best to prevent that from happening by keeping everything in one place - and out of water's way - in a Dry Bag or Dry Case. 

Dry Bag Small Blue 5L

Pelican 1010 Case

Dry Bags & Dry Cases come in a variety of sizes & models to fit your needs. 

7. Waterproof Camera 

So you can prove you actually caught something, proof is in the pictures people!

Paul's got serious bragging rights with this one! 

8. Plyer/Side Cutters 

Gary and Paul say plyers help remove hooks from fish and side cutters will allow you to cut hooks for easy removal from fish that are gut hooked or hooked near the gills.

A multi-tool like the Leatherman Wave (left) or the Leatherman Wingman (right) would certainly help you out. 

Leatherman Wave

Leatherman Wingman

9. Water & Food 

Why? To avoid heat stroke and keep energy levels up. Gary & Paul use power bars and water bottles to keep them going. 

10. A Buddy 

Because it's always more fun to fish with a friend! They also can help with picture taking and hey, someone's got to back up that story of that "massive fish that took an hour to reel in" that you caught last weekend. Plus for safety reasons it's also good to have a buddy with you. The buddy system never goes out of style!

Gary (left) accepting the third place prize for the 2012 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series (OKFS) Bay of Quinte Tournament from Jeff Wall (right), organizer of the Bay of Quinte Tournament.

Photo Credit: OKFS

Paul at the 2012 Bay of Quinte Tournament of the Ontario Kayak Fishing Series (OKFS) where he won the tournament! 

Photo Credit: OKFS

Have more fishing questions for Gary & Paul? Or would like to see them cover a specific topic in a blog post? Comment blow or email Contact Us and she'll do her best to get them answered! 

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